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Diamond Calculator
Takes over where the  Rappaport leaves off
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Troy Oz Conversion Tool
Converts Kilo/Oz/Dwt/Grams/Grains/ all Troy units of weight
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Gold Calculator
Platinum Edition
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Silver Calculator
Converts Silver / Platinum in Kilos/Oz/Dwt/Grams/Grains
to market price

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Casting Calculator
Converts wax weights to precious metals and alloy weights and vice versa
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Gold Calculator Gold
Gold Edition
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Gold Calculator Lite
Converts Kilo/Oz/Dwt/Grams/Grains
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Gold Diamond Suite
Five Calculators combined into one powerfull package
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GemTracker Pro Database /Inventory Tools
Gem data-base / Image-Cert Viewer
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Troy Ounce Info
Including Formulas's and Conversion Charts
Weights and Units

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Diamond Info
Wealth of info including the 4 C's Color, Cut, Clarity, and Carat Weight
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